Protecting your investment


We put together a list of the most asked questions our customers. If you coudn't find the right answer, just send us an email or give us a call.

Getting a home inspection before you close on a property is like getting a physical checkup on the house.
This is the single largest investment a buyer is likely to make in their lifetime
As a buyer walking through the home, all you can see is what's visible to you. A home inspector shows what is visible and invisible to the untrained eye.

Generally, a buyer will make an offer with a home-inspection contingency. Double-check to make sure it's in your contract. Then, once the home goes under contract, the buyer can hire a home inspector to examine a property. The home inspector will physically inspect the property from the roof to the foundation, and will assess the condition of various systems including plumbing, heating and cooling to identify any trouble spots. The inspector will detail his or her findings in a written report within 24 to 48 hours of completing the inspection.

varies depending on location and the size of the home. A more thorough report for a larger property will likely cost more than a report for a one-bedroom condo
The cost could run anywhere from $275 to $500 plus for larger homes.