Protecting your investment

About Me

My name is Luis Navarro, founder of Maxxwell Inspections. A brief background about myself. I started working in the remodel and home building field in 1999 up until October of 2016

I have been part of all types of construction related jobs from small remodels to large construction projects, most of which have been subject to code compliance in various jurisdictions.

I'm familiar with every aspect of the home building and remodel process due to my involvement in countless projects with direct hands on the job, as well as supervision of workers and trades various areas of the construction process.

What prompted me to make the decision to become a licensed proffesional home inspector?

Over the years building prectices have changed, building codes are constantly updating, and even if a home was built using common building practices when built, this doesn't mean that it is adequate to accommodate the modern needs and lifestyle of the homeowner by today's standards.

Deterioration with the age of the home and poor maintenance can lead to structural issues, water, and moisture damage, shorter lifecycles of components such as the cooling/ heating systems.

As a homeowner myself, I truly believe that our home is a very valuable asset and we want to protect it by any means necessary, after all, that's where our families spend a great deal of time.

As far as my inspections go I will go above and beyond the standards of practice (as far as limitations allow) to give you as much information about the property in order to help you make an informed decision

16 years plus of Experience

With a background in the home construction / remodel field, I will be able to use this expertise for the benefit of every home inspection

  • Home Remodeling / Contracting
  • Home Construction
  • Extensive training through the American Home Inspector Training Institute
  • HVAC Technician Certification
  • Additional certifications through continuing education